1. davemorin:

    46 seconds on life from Steve Jobs.

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  2. Viewing Through Your Own Filters

    It’s funny how when you get on a “kick” for something, all of a sudden the whole universe seems to be talking about exactly that topic. There are two explanations to this phenomenon. Either there is some sort of cosmic alignment of ideas where everyone magically starts thinking and writing and talking about the same thing simultaneously and without prompting, or you see what you want to see and find what you want to find. The past week, I’ve been obsessed with “product-driven” strategies, and started digging into the philosophies of a few notable startups/founders using this methodology. All of a sudden, the resources on this topic opened up, and not just things from the past. New articles, written in the past few days, about that exact topic (see “What Exactly Is A Product Manager?”, “Creating an Entrepreneurial Startup Culture”, “Minimum Viable Personality,” the list goes on…).

    This is a very helpful phenomenon, it allows me to consume topics like the Cookie Monster consumes cookies: feverishly. And when the kick has passed, I’m left with a nice new set of outlooks and ideals. How productive.


  3. Best blog post on the best procrastination tip ever


    This is currently what I’m staring at (or at least, before I decided to snap a screenshot and procrastinate by writing this blog post on how to not procrastinate…whatever). I just read a post on Zen Habits about procrastination, and it was some of the best advice I’ve ever read. For someone who suffers from such extreme procrastination as I do, it was mind-bending and awesome, a rush of motivation and energy just at the thought of its impact. Here’s the notable stuff:

    Identify the most important thing you have to do today.Decide to do just the first little part of it — just the first minute, or even 30 seconds of it. Getting started is the only thing in the world that matters.

    Clear away distractions. Turn everything off. Close all programs. There should just be you, and your task.

    Sit there, and focus on getting started. Not doing the whole task, just starting.

    …Get started, and the rest will flow.


    That’s all I got, gonna go try this method now.


  4. Things that inspire me

    I like this little mini-meme that swept through the blog-world about listing—in stream-of-consciousness form—what things inspire you on an everyday basis. So I decided to try and create a list of my own on the bus down to Philly last saturday. Reading the lists by Caterina Fake [link], Dennis Crowley [link] and Christina Cacciopo (of Union Square Ventures) [link], I thought at first “wow, no way I can remember back my childhood like that and dig up random and powerful things/people/places/events that stuck with me.” But the exercise of trying produced an astonishing amount of stuff, stuff I hadn’t thought of in a long time but are obviously powerful enough to stick with me. It’s kind of a neat little experiment in memory, I highly recommend it. 

    So, here it is:

    the blacksmiths at colonial williamsburg, heavy construction equipment, building blocks, eBay, MAD magazine, Vermont, Nashville thrift stores, wired magazine circa 1996, playstation cheat code message boards, municipal airports, Apple Computer, skylines, sam ash catalogs, someone else’s drum kit, 1967 stingray, tracing paper, smith optics, goosebumps, redwall, pierre omidyar, kaZaa, hardy boys, Etnies, go-gurt, pinkbikes.com, sand sculptures, North Shore BC, flag football, j.crew/Mickey Drexler, sharpies, photobooths, captain planet, south park, spaghetti westerns, the spectre computer game, mechwarrior, breathless, the beach boys, asbury park nj, svpply, dribbble, lib tech snowboard graphics, mark messier, early 2000’s snowboard movie soundtracks, my mom, avc.com, songza, songkick, Roland MC-505, reddit, deer tick (the band), jef razkin, steve jobs, independent movie theaters, new york city, muchmusic, glastonbury, tumblr, kickstarter, jeff bezos, takashi murakami, marissa mayer, jack dorsey, david heinemeier hansson, Hamdi Ulukaya, sherlock holmes (the books), industrial design, design blogs, marshall amplifiers, first snowfall, RV’s, keith richards, spreadsheets, Keynote, TextEdit, Vic Firth.