1. nukuler:

    Well, I just invited 20,000+ strangers to a picnic.

    If you haven’t heard of it, The Listserve is an amazing experiment out of ITP where one person a day from the list is chosen to send one email out to everybody. I got picked a couple days ago.

    Most of the time, people tell stories or give life advice or share recipes. I thought it’d be interesting to take it beyond the screen and bring it into a different medium: PICNICS.

    Just opened this email, plugged in the coordinates to Google (40.667602,-73.970831), and am now super curious who might be showing up to this impromptu gathering in Prospect Park. This Listserve email never ceases to surprise me, sometimes it’s strange, and sometimes it has gems like this. Never a dull read.

  2. Watch live streaming video from gigaomroadmap at livestream.com

    My favorite line is the first thing Jack says in response to Om’s question regarding the impact of the Internet nearly eliminating the barriers of distance and time.

    "The arc I’m most fascinated by is the arc where technology reminds us of our own humanness. It encourages us to use what we already have."

    Watch the whole discussion, Jack covers a number of very interesting trends.